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Imagine flexbility that no one else offers.
Unlike the others, you choose what works best for you;
you sign no long-term contracts; you pay no fees when your account is inactive.
You set up your contract to meet your cash flow needs, not ours.
You can choose between using our most advanced technology or
using the old-fashioned systems - we maintain both for you.
Unlike the others, our objective is not to force you to conform to us,
but to get you the cash you need in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Our same day funding policy gets cash out to you within 12-24 hours.
You have the cash when you need it,
which will help keep your business moving.

Receivable Services Factoring with us includes complete credit management services.
We fully research new clients and, equally important, routinely check the credit ratings of your existing customers.
As a part of the process you will also receive accounting, transactional details, aging reports
and financial management reports which can be incorporated into your own sales tracking, account history and in-depth analysis.

Receivable Services Factoring Benefits

A steady and predictable cash flow
is crucial to the success and profitability
of every business. All too often a business
will find the majority of their working capital
tied up in accounts receivable. Listed
are just some of the ways your company can
benefit from receivable services factoring with us:

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Credit Management and Consulting
Our extensive credit and accounts receivable services management assistance is available at no

charge and is often less costly than maintaining your own in-house credit department.
We serve as your credit department, accounts receivable department, and collection department

Please contact us today and our seasoned invoice factoring professionals
will help you get the cash you need today.
- Call us at 1-800-986-1859

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